CD 4


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Album 8 (What's in a name)

Album 9 (What's in a name)

Album 10 (More "What's in a name")

Album 11 (Jaros Suite)

Hens Vlam-Verwaaijen, piano

Contents Cd 4 (total time ??:??)

Album 11 (Jaros Suite)

1 Berceuse pour maman
2 Valse pour Robin
3 1 + 1 = 3
4 Two Daughters
5 Chellys identity

Album 8 (What's in a name)

6 Allegro (for Romy de Groot)
7 Reflections (for Rubi de Groot)
8 Pastorale (for Annemarie Meursinge Reynders)
9 Baby waltz (for Cassandra Danielle Layman)
10 Another little owl (for Doortje Farweck-Hoolboom)
11 The silver willow (for Ingrid and Arnold van Willegen)
12 Andantino (for Eliane de Mol van Otterloo)
13 Song (for Michael Lim)
14 Yeah, yeah.. (for Josee Rijnders)
15 Poissons d'or (for Piero Rosso)
16 Sicilienne (for Louisa Rosso)

Album 9 (What's in a name)

17 Nocturne for the baby yet to be born
18 Song for the baby
19 Starting piano-lessons (Beethoven wouldn't approve)
20 Uncomplicated years with a happy whistle
21 Happy whistle II
22 For Granny (who loves the waltz and me)
23 Twenty-five years of ups and downs
24 'Waltz San Rocco' or how to learn to walk again
25 Problems, solutions, problems, solutions?

Album 10 (More 'What's in a name')

26 mp3 Lullaby Blues
27 Caprice
28 A short piece for a long time together
29 mp3 'Translation'
30 LLM Blues
31 mp3 Bram's identity



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